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TypeScript Tutorial

Welcome to the comprehensive TypeScript tutorial designed for both beginners and experienced developers. This tutorial will help you learn TypeScript from scratch and explore advanced concepts, best practices, etc. Gain the skills you need to create robust, maintainable, and scalable applications using TypeScript.

Course Outline as following:

TypeScript Fundamentals

  • Get started with TypeScript, understand the differences between TypeScript and JavaScript, set up your development environment, and dive into basic syntax and compilation.

Basic Concepts

  • Learn about variables, data types, type annotations, inference, operators, control structures, functions, type aliases, interfaces, and classes in TypeScript.

Advanced Types

  • Explore advanced TypeScript types, including union, intersection, literal, mapped, conditional types, generics, constraints, built-in utility types, and creating custom utility types.

Modules & Namespaces

  • Understand how to work with modules and namespaces, including importing, exporting, default and named exports, merging, and augmenting.

Asynchronous Programming

  • Master asynchronous programming in TypeScript with callbacks, promises, async/await, generators, iterators, and async function types.

Advanced OOP

  • Delve into advanced object-oriented programming concepts like inheritance, polymorphism, abstract classes, interfaces, mixins, decorators, access modifiers, and static methods and properties.

Type Guards & Assertions

  • Learn about type guards, user-defined type guards, type predicates, type assertions, nullable types, and strict null checks in TypeScript.

TypeScript with Libraries

  • Discover how to integrate TypeScript with popular libraries and frameworks like React, Angular, Vue.js, Node.js & Express, and GraphQL.

Best Practices & Patterns

  • Gain insights into best practices for code organization, writing clean and maintainable code, TypeScript design patterns, error handling, and unit testing with test-driven development.

Compiler Options & Debugging

  • Explore TypeScript compiler options, tsconfig, source maps, debugging, linting, and compilation optimization.

Get started on your journey to mastering TypeScript today!