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JSON.parse() (Live Playground)

Parsing JSON data is a common task when working with web APIs or other data sources. JavaScript provides a built-in method, JSON.parse(), which allows you to convert JSON strings to JavaScript objects. In this tutorial, we will explore how to parse JSON data in JavaScript and handle potential errors that may occur during the parsing process.

Parsing JSON Data with JSON.parse()

JSON.parse() takes a JSON string as its argument and returns a JavaScript object. This allows you to access and manipulate the data as you would with a regular JavaScript object.


const jsonString = '{"firstName":"John","lastName":"Doe","age":30}';

const jsObject = JSON.parse(jsonString);
console.log(jsObject.firstName); // Output: John
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Handling Errors in JSON Parsing

When parsing JSON data, errors can occur if the JSON string is malformed or contains invalid syntax. To handle these errors, you can use a try...catch block to catch any exceptions thrown by the JSON.parse() method.


const jsonString = '{"firstName":"John","lastName":"Doe",}'; // Invalid JSON (trailing comma)

try {
const jsObject = JSON.parse(jsonString);
} catch (error) {
console.error('Error parsing JSON:', error);
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Customizing JSON Parsing with Reviver Functions

JSON.parse() accepts an optional second argument, a reviver function, which can be used to modify the resulting JavaScript object. The reviver function is called for each key-value pair in the object, allowing you to transform or filter the data as it is parsed.


const jsonString = '{"firstName":"John","lastName":"Doe","birthYear":1990}';

const jsObject = JSON.parse(jsonString, (key, value) => {
if (key === 'birthYear') {
return new Date().getFullYear() - value;
return value;

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Parsing JSON data in JavaScript is an essential skill for modern web development. By using JSON.parse() and understanding how to handle errors and customize the parsing process, you can effectively work with JSON data in your applications.